Above the Noise: With the Profitability Pathmaker

If you’re running a business and you have the chance to listen to podcasts from successful entrepreneurs who faced the same problems as you, and you learn all their tips and methods, wouldn’t that be helpful? 

That’s why Next Level Connected has an amazing business podcast for you, “Above the Noise: with the Profitability Pathmaker.” We focus on achieving big success and don’t settle for average results. 

I’m your host, an expert in business, here to give you strategies and insights to grow your business beyond earning 7 and 8 figures.

About the Podcast

Unique Solutions For
Your Business

Think of this podcast as your VIP card to the behind-the-scenes of mastering business. Each episode of “Above the Noise” is like a fun class mixed with a boost of energy – it’s lively, exciting, and full of practical advice. 

We don’t just talk about success; we break it down, we cheer for it, and most importantly, we show you how to achieve it.

Guest Experience

Forget boring business lectures! “Above the Noise” brings you interviews with business leaders who will share their best secrets, craziest ideas, and even some mistakes they made along the way. 

We’ll talk about the real struggles of building a business but in a fun and interesting way. This ain’t a typical business podcast – it’s exciting, funny, and full of surprises!



So, do you now want to learn, laugh, and make serious profit (think millions!) all at the same time? “Above the Noise” is your new favorite podcast! 

We ditch the confusing business jargon and focus on fun, clear tips from experts. I’ll chat with some of the smartest people in business – from experienced CEOs to creative marketers – to get marketing strategies you can really use to grow your business and have a blast doing it!

Episode Format

Each episode of “Above the Noise” is designed to be short and to the point. These will give you useful business tips you can use right away.  

We know you’re busy, so you can listen while you’re commuting, working out, or even relaxing. The goal is to give you practical tools for success that are easy to understand and use in your own business.


Stuck in Business? Blast Through Barriers!

Tired of business struggles? Learn from successful people and skyrocket your profits with fun, actionable tips. Listen to the "Above the Noise" podcast!